Friday, March 4, 2011

Petronas Battle of The Chefs 2011

On 28th February 2011. There's one cooking competition under Petronas. So we joined the competition. The funny this is we only knew about this competition 2 weeks before the actual event. Hahaha! So, Chef Zaid told me to find another 2 members that can handle for appetizer and dessert. As for me, i'll be handling main course. I invited Kak Zaimah and Kyle to be my teammates and they agreed. We did our training just a few times only because some of us are very busy with classes and works. But no worries hahaha! On the first attempt of training I used salmon. We don't know what is the main ingredients because this competition will be using the "black box" theme. So i'm just guessing that probably i'm gonna get fish. Anyways, this is the dish that i've made for the first attempt.

Pan Fried Salmon served with Fettuccine Carbonara accompanied with Asparagus and Tomato Cherry.

Chef Zaid told me that I need to have a sauce that goes really well with the fish. So I tried Hollandaise sauce but, it didn't turn out like what I want the sauce to taste like. Hahaha!

For the second attempt I used Tenderloin Beef. A very nice juicy meat. Errmm... but somehow i don't know what happened to my steak because the steak turns out to be still rare in the inside. So i discard the meat =(

So on the actual day 28th February 2011. The competition took place at SSTWO MALL at Kelana Jaya. We arrived there 3 hours early and we don't know what to do. So after we put our stuff there we went for a lunch at Oldtown White Coffee! Hahaha! Ok enough, let's go back to the main topic. *clear throats* around 2.30 pm all of the competitors need to draw a number. The number will decide what items you will get because each numbers holds a different ingredients. So we got..... no7! Right before we open the black box we unpacked our stuffs, utensils, and our own extra ingredients. Now it's time to open the box and we got Quail, Squid, Walnut, Strawberry, Glutinous Rice, Sour Flakes and Passion Fruit. Ok that's a surprise because i'd never ever expecting to get a Quail as my protein item. But wth, I have to use it anyway. So we started cooking. Everyone is doing the job but at the same time we help each other to make sure is going well. Teamwork is very important here people. Kak Zaimah will be doing Squid Wanton with Butter Sauce, mine is Stuffed Quail with Thyme Sauce with Zucchini and Potato Chips, and Kyle is making a Fruit Triffles. There's a few pictures that my friend had captured candid.

Chef Zaid the mentor is helping us.

Unpacked the stuffs and everything la

Discussing on what to do with the ingredients

Lets start cooking

Chef Zam asking a few questions at Kak Zaimah

Joking around with Chef Zam

Syuk (me)

Kyle the pastry boy.

Kak Zaimah the akak honda

Our supporters

This two also came to support us.

and Kyle's mom too.

Kak Zaimah's appetizer
Squid Wanton with Butter Sauce

My main course
Stuffed Quail with Thyme Sauce with Zucchini and Potato Chips

Kyle's dessert
Fruit Triffles

After the cooking is done we felt so relied accept for me i need my mr ciggy and mineral water. The judges will taste our food and they will give marks and result is......
We won 4th place out of 6 colleges. We did our best and 4th place was ok for us because we beat UPM and UiTM. After the ceremony is done we chow la tunggu apa lagi! Hahaha!

It was very fun working with you guys!

Not to forget our very own Master Chef Zaid who guided us and our supporters. Thanks alot guys!

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